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Individual Account

  • Valid Photo ID – Driver’s license, Passport, National ID
  • TRN (JA residents) / Social security (US residents) / National Insurance (UK/ Canadian residents)
  • Two (2) references for each account holder (adult) – Employer, JP, Minister of Religion, Doctor, Lawyer, Inspector of Police, current Cumax client
  •  Proof of Address – No more than 3 months for recent light, water or telephone bill
  • Completed & Signed client agreement form
  • Source of funds – source of funds being used to open the account as well as (projected) source of future investments
  • Proof of income (if not supported by source of funds) – two recent payslips, job letter, self employed verification letter
  • Where a minor (cannot be primary) is to be added to the account
    • Birth Certificate
    • Valid picture identification or notarized picture
    • TRN

Company Account