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Cumax Wealth Management Limited formerly known as CUFMC incorporated in 2005, provides unique investment products and wealth management opportunities that best serve our clients. The company is a subsidiary of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League and is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (F.S.C.) as a Securities Dealer. We are a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, Pension Fund Manager, a Pension Fund Administrator and an approved Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) Fund Manager.

As a member of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, we act as an intermediary between an investor and a securities exchange. Let us help you invest in stocks to meet your investment goals.


Cumax Wealth offers fixed income solutions tailored to focus on preservation of capital and income. These include Corporate and Sovereign Bonds, Investment Banking Facilities and Repurchase Agreements (REPOs).

Providing Pension Fund Management & Administrative services for over 15 years. Helping members plan for their future retirement. 

Managing our members’ investments in the form of bonds, shares, cash and mutual funds etc. so they can earn maximum profits.

Cumax Wealth Management offers a team of experienced advisors who will meet with you and create a portfolio customized specifically to meet your investment goals! 

What Type of Investor Are You?

The Conservative Investor

The Conservative Investor has a low-risk tolerance and does not want large fluctuations in the value of their principal investment. You want to grow your money by choosing financial products that do not fluctuate much in value.

The Moderate Investor

The Moderate Investor has a low to moderate risk tolerance and wants reasonable, but relatively stable income and capital growth. You are comfortable with modest fluctuations in the year to year value of your portfolio and have some time to recover from any market downturns.

The Aggressive Investor

The Aggressive Investor wants to maximize returns by taking on relatively high exposure to risk. Focus more on capital appreciation and not a financial safety net.

Cumax Funds

Our Unit Trust Funds solutions under the umbrella of Cumax Funds, offering clients the opportunity to diversify their portfolio risk across local and foreign currencies while providing liquidity, capital preservation and potential for higher returns. 

Are you interested in creating more but not sure where to start?