Advisory Services

Our experienced advisors will meet with you and offer financial advise customized to your particular need.

Cumax Wealth advisory services are offered primarily to corporations and high-net-worth clients to help them navigate the ever changing global environment.

Our team of dedicated experts focuses on clients’ priorities in order to design, manage and execute financial solutions that transforms their business to remain competitive throughout the business life cycle.

Let Cumax Wealth help you design the best financial solution for your business!




Your Personal Planning Process

We believe in Financial Planning

For the individual! What stage of the Life Cycle are you in? Our tailored strategy is uniquely yours!

Early career phase (beginning of work life to age 35/40)
Mid career or establishment phase (age 35/40 – 55)
Late Career of pre-retirement phase (age 55 – 65).
Retirement years (age 65 and over).

This is what you can expect when you work with a Cumax Wealth Advisor

The establishing of a great relationship! We get to know our clients through our personal attention on a one-on-one relationship.

Expect a superior level of care and understanding of your sophisticated needs based on our years of experience.

An investment portfolio that is tailored to achieve your investment goals

Market research, daily updates on market performance, and new investment opportunities to further grow your portfolio

Trusted timely Advice when you need it. Our client service department is ready to speak with you whether via phone, email, video chat or in person at our offices to help you navigate major wealth events, however quickly they arise.
We want to hear from you, your investment goals matter to us!