Cumax Wealth offers a suite of products and services for all investors. Synergy is at the core of what we do to enhance wealth creation for our clients. Our bond include Corporate and Sovereign Bonds denominated in JMD$ and USD$ to create balanced portfolios for our clients.

Are you looking to invest beyond the stock market?

Investing in bonds provide investors with income earning opportunities and potential for capital appreciation for their portfolios!

Benefits Of Investing In Bonds!

Bonds are typically less volatile and less risky than stocks although the price can fluctuate.
Bonds helps to diversify a portfolio and mitigate risk, given that bonds and stocks tend to have an inverse relationship driven by interest rates; when stock prices fall, bonds prices may rise and strengthen a portfolio.
Ideal for investors with medium to long-term objectives. Bond returns tend to be higher than those of savings accounts and fixed deposits (e.g. CDs).
Investors receive income through frequently paid coupon payments usually quarterly or semi-annually.
Investors stand to make capital gains if he/she sell the bond at a higher price

How Do Bonds Work?

When Government or Corporations need to raise capital to finance new projects, expand domestically / regionally / internationally, support ongoing operations, or refinance existing debts, they may issue bonds to investors. A bond is similar to a loan, the borrower (issuer) is to pay investors the stated rate of interest (coupon) over the life of the bond and also repay the principal when the bond matures. Bonds have varying durations and may be classified as a short term, medium or long term.


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Cumax Wealth offers investors both Corporate and Sovereign Bonds!

Corporate Bonds

Corporate bonds  are suitable for the savvy and / or accredited investor who is able and willing to include this security type in his/ her portfolio. For the sophisticated investor who is able to handle the risk, these instruments can produce good returns.

Investing in government debt to receive higher returns at lower risk

The Sovereign bonds are issued by Governments to assist with its various financing need. These bonds are also generally viewed as less risky given the strength or ability of Governments to honour its obligations.   

Cumax Wealth offers both local and international bonds. Additionally, international bonds provide investors with currency protection as it allows as investor to hedge against devaluation, while earning competitive returns.

Let our team of experts discuss with you the risk/reward balance, your objectives and determine how  our solutions will help you with realizing your objectives and long term wealth.

Sovereign Bonds

Looking to invest in a managed portfolio? Ask our wealth advisors about our Cumax FX Bond Fund