What is the Cumax Fund?

The Cumax Fund is a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) that provides clients with the flexibility of investing in an individual or combined portfolio investment, depending on your investment goals. The value of these investments may change from day to day, and are valued at the prices prevailing at market close.

What is a Collective Investment Scheme?

A Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) is an investment instrument in which the investments of many individuals are pooled together in a fund, and is managed by a Fund Manager.

Investor’s ownership in the fund is determined by the number of units they hold. These investors are called Unit Holders.

Collective Investment Schemes in Jamaica are governed by the provisions of the Securities Acts and are regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), the regulator established by the government to regulate the operations of certain financial institutions such as securities brokers.


The trustee, Jamaica Central Securities Depository (JCSD). Trustee Services Limited (JCSDTS) protects the interests of the investors by ensuring that the fund managers comply with the provision of the Trust Deed and Offering Circular along with the regulations of the Securities Act. Cumax Fund portfolios are differentiated by their investment strategies and the type of assets they invest in.



Our Fund Managers select the best investments to include in each portfolio with the aim to match or outperform the established benchmarks.


Unit holders have full access to their funds at any time once the holding periods have been met.


Investors in the Cumax Funds benefit from diversification within and across assest classes to manage risk.


Prices are updated twice a week on our website. Statements are sent monthly or upon request to clients, so they can monitor the performance of their investments.


The Trustee ensures that the collective investment scheme operates in accordance with the Trust Deed as required by the Securities (Collective Investment Schemes) regulations, 2013.


With a minimum investment of JM$20,000 for local currency denominated Funds or US$500 for USD Denominated Funds, the Cumax Funds are quite affordable.

Cumax Fund Products