Cumax Limited can broker stock trades on your behalf or assist you with trading on your own.

Stocks also known as Shares or Equities represent ownership interest in a company. Having bought shares in a company, the investor becomes part owner with the portion of the company owned being equivalent to the number of shares owned. The public can only purchase shares in listed companies. These companies are listed on the Stock Exchange.

We also provide detailed market and stock analysis.

Interested in Online Stock Trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange? Let Cumax Wealth help you.

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Benefits to Equity Investing!

Their track record: over the long term equity investments have historically outperformed other investments and have kept pace with the erosive effects of inflation.
The returns: the dual return component, which comes in the form of capital gains (appreciation in the price of the stock) and dividends (a share of the company’s earnings paid to its shareholders)
Relatively low commission costs.
The ease with which purchased securities can be safeguarded (held in an electronic account).
Marketability (they can be bought and sold fairly easily).
The ability to quickly determine the investment’s exact market value.

Investing in the stock market is a good option if you are looking to achieve medium-to-long-term goals and want to diversify your portfolio. Start by choosing an initial investment amount, then seek professional investment advice from your Financial Solutions Advisors, who will assess your risk profile and help refine your investment goals. 

Participate in the Equity Market with Cumax Wealth!

There are several ways to invest in the equity market in order to meet your medium to long term goals. Our team of experts will help you navigate with our many options below:

Let Cumax Wealth help you Start Trading Today!

  1. Call Cumax Wealth to create a Jamaica Central Securities Deposit (JCSD) account, if you don’t already have one.
  2. Visit the JtraderPro Online portal and add your account by logging in with your JCSD information and sign up.
  3. Once you have signed up the account. Start funding the account in order to view the markets and make transactions. Deposit funds to:
    • NCB Account Number: 231084185
    • Account Name: Cumax Wealth Management Company Limited
    • Branch: 90 – 94 Slipe Rd, Kingston 5
    • Swift Code: JNCBJMKX
    • Send a confirmation email to with receipt so we can credit your account.
  4. Once you have added your JCSD account and funded it, you may go ahead and start trading.

Resources to help you get comfortable with the platform:

How can I create a well diversified portfolio of stocks?

Not sure how to navigate the stock market by yourself. Then invest in a managed portfolio The Cumax Equity Fund, this Investor is looking to maximize long term growth of capital with moderate dividend income. This Portfolio is intended to be a medium to long term investment. You can start as low as $20,000.00.