Pension Fund Management & Administration

The Cumax Wealth Management Limited (Cumax) has been successfully managing pension funds and providing administrative services for over fifteen (15) years. Let us manage your pension fund and provide you with the superior administrative services, you so rightfully deserve.

"Years of Dedication and Superior Service - Satisfying and Fulfilling Retirement"

Lavern Johnson, Pensions Administration Manager

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What We at Cumax Wealth Do for our Clients:

At Cumax we effectively and efficiently manage the investment portfolio so as to generate good returns through efficient asset allocation strategies such as:

We assist our clients with the establishment of their Pension Plans by ensuring they are registered with the Regulators.
We ensure the performance of the Funds are in line with the Pension Pensions Act, Legislations of the Government of Jamaica and the Regulations of the Financial Services Commission.
Report on Administrative and Investment functions to the Trustees and Regulators.
Assist in the development or amendment of pension documents such as the Trust Deed and Rules and Investment Policy that is the Statement of Investment Policies and Principles (SIPP) that is reviewed annually.
Prepare monthly financial statements and ensure timely and accurate preparation of audited financial statements by supporting the Auditors with accurate data.
Maintain an accurate Database for our Members and Pensioners.
Assist the Actuary by submission of supporting documentation in order to prepare timely Triennial Actuarial Valuations.