Low Risk

The Cumax Loan Fund (to be launched)

The fundamental investment objective of the CUMAX Loan Fund is to earn higher rates of return than is available in the repo or money market by investing primarily in low-risk short and medium-term loans to Credit Unions.

Who Should Invest In The Portfolio?

The relatively short-term nature of the loans that will be invested in and their low-risks as inferred by a history of zero-delinquency over the last ten years for similar loans to credit unions makes the CUMAX Loan Fund suitable for credit unions that traditionally have surplus funds to invest due to lower demands for loans / higher savings growth. It is also suitable for other accredited investors with a moderate risk-appetite.

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The CUMAX Loan Fund primarily lends to credit unions to finance their members’ loan demands for tenors ranging from one to five years. The loans are denominated in Jamaican dollars and are secured. The fund may also invest in short-term Government of Jamaica securities are other securities with greater credit ratings when credit unions’ loan demand is low. Reverse repurchase agreements may also be used from time to time to manage the liquidity requirements of the Fund.

The manager will leverage its success in granting credit to credit unions over the years to maintain a loan portfolio of little or no delinquency.